International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2018
RAI Exhibition and Convention Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands
MAY 3, 2018
Invited Presentation: "Protecting Patients from Harm: The Science of Safe Communication in Healthcare"

61. Jahrestagung des VKD (61th Annual Conference of the German Association for Hospital Directors)
Lübeck, Germany
MAY 4, 2018
Invited Presentation: "Safe Communication in Hospitals"

30. Fachberufekonferenz der Bundesärztekammer (30th Health Professions Conference of the German Medical Association) 
Berlin, Germany
FEBRUARY 27, 2018
Invited presentation: TITLE TBD

Deutscher Krebskongress (German Cancer Congress) 2018
Berlin, Germany
FEBRUARY 22, 2018
Expert presentation: "Patientensicherheit, Fehlerkultur und "sichere" Kommunikation" ("Patient Safety, Safety Culture and "Safe" Communication")

Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV): Nationales Qualitätszirkel-Tutorentreffen
(German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: National Quality Circle Meeting of Tutors)

Berlin, Germany
NOVEMBER 17, 2017
Keynote: "Communication in Healthcare -- The Close Relationship Between Communication Competence and Successful Medicine."

Gesellschaft für Qualitätsmanagement in der Gesundheitsversorgung (GQMG) Summercamp
(German "Society for Quality Management in Healthcare" Summercamp)

Aschaffenburg, Germany
AUGUST 12, 2017
Keynote: "SACCIA Communication: New Pathways for Better Daily Care"

Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit (APS) Jahrestagung 2017
(German "Aktionsbündnis" for Patient Safety Annual Conference 2017)
Berlin, Germany
MAY 4, 2017
Keynote: “New Horizons for Patient Safety: 'Safe' Communication"

Global Ministerial Patient Safety Summit 2017
Bonn, Germany
MARCH 29, 2017
Expert presentation: “Keeping Patients Safe: The Role of Competent Communication” 

WHO Global Summit: “Setting Priorities for Global Patient Safety”
Florence, Italy
SEPTEMBER 26-28, 2016
Expert presentation: “Communication Issues in Patient Safety” 

Thementag: “Das Schweigen der Ärzte: Ärztliche Kommunikation”
(One-Day Conference entitled “The Silence of Physicians: Medical Communication”)
Institute for History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine, University of Mainz, Germany
JANUARY 16, 2016
Keynote address: “Das Schweigen der Ärzte- Kommunikationswissenschaftliche Anregungen für ein ethisch sensibles Thema” (“The silence among physicians: Implications from the communication sciences for an ethically sensitive topic”)

Conference: “Communication for the Prevention and Management of Adverse Events,” Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Cagliari/Sardinia, Italy
MAY 20, 2015
“Communication and Patient Safety: The Golden Bridge” (Keynote)

Blezinger Conference: „The Hospital of the Future,” Luzern, Switzerland
OCTOBER 18, 2014
“IT, Safety and Communication” (Keynote) 

1st Annual European Medical Safety Conference, European Surgical Institute, Hamburg, Germany
OCTOBER 7-8, 2014
“Communication and Medical Error” (Keynote), sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

Ph.D. Seminar Lugano/Basel (Oktober 2013) MAS Food Safety (NVC, IPC)
7 - 8 October 2013
Introductory seminars to Interpersonal and Nonverbal Communication Competence.

AURORA, O.N.Da & ISES, Milano, Italy
25 October 2012
Communication Competence: Theoretical Approaches and Practical Applications (co-sponsored by the European Parliament)

University of Lugano, Switzerland
14 September 2010
When Competence Saves Lives: Operationalizing Skillful Physician Disclosures of Medical Mistakes (sponsored by the Institute of Communication and Health, Faculty of Communication Sciences)

Free University of Berlin, Germany
17 August 2010
When the Truth Hurts: Conceptualizing a Multimodal Approach to Mistake Disclosures in Doctor-Patient Interactions (sponsored by the Freie Universität Berlin, Excellence Cluster "Languages of Emotion")