A scientist, professor, teacher, mentor, visionary, team leader, mother, daughter, sister
...and human being.

Welcome to my personal website! I am a professor of health communication who is interested in the conceptual and empirical intersections between human fallibility, interpersonal communication science and healthcare.

Three key questions that motivate my research are:

1. How can we improve the quality and safety of interpersonal communication in healthcare?
2. How can we translate scientific research into evidence-based safe communication practice to improve the quality and safety of patient care globally?
3. How can we best educate and train healthcare providers and patients with "safe communication" skills?

My research examines the effects of human fallibility on health and well-being. Humans err, and such errors have the potential to harm others. My investigations measure the ways in which errors compromise our health, well-being, and relationships, and how "safe communication" (Hannawa et al., 2017) and competent disclosure may alleviate such effects. Furthermore, I investigate to what extent interpersonal communication processes -- the sense-making activities that happen between us -- can function as a mechanism for error reduction and constitute the pathway to more consistent and reliable care.

On this website, you will find more detailed information about my scholarly profile, my research, my recent publications, my forthcoming books and articles, my SACCIA Safe Communication construct. You can learn more about my university-based Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (CAHQS) and ISCOME, a global competence center that emerged out of the past decade of my interdisciplinary research on medical errors and patient safety. You can also follow my Blog, read news about my activities or see me at one of my upcoming events.

Science is about collaborating minds, so please share your thoughts and ideas!

Annegret F. Hannawa, Ph.D.